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Is Shiba Inu Good For Investment?

Shiba Inu is an ERC-20 coin launched in august 2020 by a person known as Ryoshi. After its drastic rise in May 2021, people named it the Dogecoin killer. This is because it has a total supply of 1 quadrillion, which is an insane.

If you are willing to invest your money in Shiba Inu coin, then you must be aware of the risk that it includes. As we all know, Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market, and those movements are almost impossible to predict. However, by watching the Shiba Inu price history, one can predict the price in the coming years.

Journey of Shiba Inu

Since its launch, Shiba Inu gained over 12505887.6% and became an internet sensation. In addition, many people have purchased billion SHIB tokes because they are predicted to touch $1 in the coming few years. But, this coin also suffered a lot for becoming the first choice of investors.

Shiba Inu was almost worthless at the time of launch, but on ten May 2021, it reached its all-time high of $0.00003791; the main reason behind this success was bitcoin. However, with the entire crypto market, Shiba Inu kept falling for the next two weeks, stabilizing at $0.0000083 on 22 May 2021 and staying at the same level for the next two months.

You may get surprised to know that despite the bear market and uncertainties of the crypto world, since January 2022 Shiba Inu’s price has not traded below $0.000008. This ultimately means that person who purchased these coins at the time of launch; they are still in profit of thousands of percent even after the great fall.

Is Shiba Inu Great For Future Investment?

Shiba Inu is one of many coins introduced in 2020 after the success of Dogecoin. However, in May 2021, it became one of the most proffered meme coins in the crypto world. Shiba Inu forecasts are often wrong, but if you look at its price history, it is still an excellent token for long-term investment. According to Shiba Inu forecast it will touch the price tag of $1.

Shiba Inu Prediction for Year


After analyzing the previous price f Shiba Inu, analysts predict that the SHIB token will get stable along $0.0000134987, while it will reach the maximum price tag of $0.0000139785 in 2023. Still, these predictions can be wrong, so only invest what you are ready to lose.

2024 and 2025

According to the reports of technical analysis, which Cryptocurrency experts perfume regarding the Shiba Inu price in 2024, it predicted its minimum price would be $0.000020404, while it will go higher upto $0.0000237576. However, in 2025, it will not go below $0.0000308269 and can reach a maximum of upto $0.0000353365. Therefore, even some analysts predict it may reach $1 before 2025, which is almost impossible. 


Shiba Inu is an excellent option if you want to invest your money in the crypto world for longer period. However, it is not confirmed that it will reach $1, but still, it will provide you with significant returns. Therefore, always research the coin before you invest.


If you want to know what the price of Shiba Inu will be within the next ten years, our Shiba Inu Forecast forecast can give you a really good idea of what to expect, you can check the link below or enter our chat rooms and talk with crypto enthusiasts and traders.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction

Shiba Inu Forecast Forecast on CryptoChatty