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Why Is Bitcoin The Most Valued Coin Among All Cryptocurrencies?

The first and most influential crypto coin, Bitcoin, is still the most valuable. If you had invested in Bitcoin four years ago, trading at $ 3000 in 2018, your investment would now be worth around $16000. This is not the highest bitcoin value, once it reached around $50k. That is insane, and this is why everyone who became familiar with bitcoin wants to know how it gets its value and why it is worth so much.

Why Are Bitcoins Worth So Much?

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been invented and launched, some of which have failed, while others, such as Ethereum, Dash or dogecoin, are still doing great. However, Bitcoin remains unmatched when it comes to popularity as well as price.

This can be observed in the increasing interest and demand for Bitcoin. Several reasons contribute to Bitcoin's popularity among other cryptocurrencies, such:

  • - It is simply being used more than any other cryptocurrency

The first reason behind Bitcoin's high value is that it is used more than any other cryptocurrency. More than five million businesses worldwide now accept payments in Bitcoins, and its acceptance rate has continuously increased since its inception.

  • - It has a high acceptance rate among individuals

It is not only businesses that accept Bitcoins but also many individuals who have started accepting payment in the form of Bitcoins. People accept Bitcoins as they lower the transaction fees over traditional payment methods.

  • - It has a large number of users

Another reason behind Bitcoin's high value is its large number of users and holders. Despite the low market cap compared to other top 20 crypto coins, it still constitutes most of the total cryptocurrency market cap. Millions of clients hold their crypto funds in Bitcoin addresses across the globe.

How Does Bitcoin Get Its Value?

Bitcoin is often referred to as a peer-to-peer currency and is classified as a cryptocurrency. Its supply schedule was designed to decrease at such a predictable rate that when bitcoin mining ends in the upcoming 100 years, it will still leave over a million bitcoins to be mined. There is a lot of speculation about why Bitcoin has such a high value. One reason is that a limited number of Bitcoin are available to buy.

Creating new bitcoins involves solving difficult mathematical problems requiring enormous computing power and time. There's also the principle behind this as more people use bitcoin, then the value multiplies with its popularity due to supply and demand laws.

What Determines The Price Of Bitcoin?

Various factors determine the price of bitcoin, which is how it gets its value and is currently one of the best cryptocurrencies.

  • - Supply and demand of bitcoin in the market
  • - Speculation about the bitcoin users in the market
  • - Perception of the users in the market
  • - Performance of bitcoin in the market
  • - Trust among people
  • - Governance of the bitcoin
  • - Scarcity and divisibility of bitcoins
  • - The volume of Trade that is done on bitcoin currency daily

There is a specific cost of producing bitcoin through mining, and that also determines the price of the bitcoin. All these factors are the reason why bitcoin value is currently trading so high right now in the market.


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Bitcoin Price Prediction

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